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What is Drive Electric Ohio?

Drive Electric Ohio, a statewide initiative of Clean Fuels Ohio, is dedicated to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles in our state.

We accomplish this – city by city – with the help of dedicated volunteers who organize ride and drive events and educate consumers about the advantages of electric cars.

At the same time, we work to create incentives and pro-EV legislation by engaging and educating electricity providers, policymakers, and political candidates about the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

We connect businesses, developers, and communities to resources they need to install electric charging stations, providing affordable, accessible charging for tenants, customers, and employees.

Find a list of Drive Electric Ohio chapters here.

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Learn About Electric Vehicles

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Electric cars are clean, safe, and fun to drive. Electric vehicle and battery manufacturing open up the door for innovative jobs in the auto sector throughout Ohio.

Auto manufacturing isn’t just our history, it’s our future.
Read more about the types of EVs, learn about your charging options, and see how driving electric can save money and emissions.

Get Involved With DEO

The industry has spoken, the future of transportation is electric. Vehicle manufacturers will spend billions of dollars in the upcoming years developing and manufacturing electric cars. We want to see those investments come to our state. We need your help letting policy makers, business owners, and car shoppers know- it’s time to bring EVs to Ohio.

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