Ohio’s Clean Transportation Advocate

Clean Fuels Ohio is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Ohio a more healthy, sustainable, and prosperous state.

Clean Fuels Ohio is a national Clean Cities Coalition that works to support energy and economic security through partnerships that advance affordable, efficient, and environmentally beneficial domestic transportation fuels, technologies, and mobility systems.

Since being established in 2002, we have joined the top of nearly 100 coalitions that provide unbiased resources and information to stakeholders that give insight on transportation options that will allow organizations to achieve their goals around alternative fuels, sustainability, fuel-savings strategies, and mobility solutions.

Clean Fuels Ohio is a proud Clean Cities coalition.

Learn more about the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Coalition Network and Clean Fuels Ohio

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Clean Fuels Ohio has been a trusted and valued partner of Pitt Ohio. As an organization, what we appreciate most is that they bring both policy/industry experience along with relationships to the conversations. They are constantly trying to work with their partners to make a difference.

At Coles Energy we pride ourselves in supplying fuel for many of life’s needs. We offer Propane Auto Gas at our corporate office. Along with Propane Auto Gas, we also supply Propane to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers to help heat their homes and run their businesses. We can meet your electric vehicle needs at select Mickey Mart Convenience Stores using our charging stations. We look to offer additional alternative fuels at all locations in the future. Clean Fuels Ohio helps build the bridge with potential customers for Coles Energy, thus allowing us to become more diversified.