CNG Month Member Highlight: Cummins

“Making peoples’ lives better by powering a more prosperous world”- With their Plant 2050 and Destination Zero initiatives in full force, Cummins is doing just that. Founded in 1919, Cummins designs, manufactures, sells, and services alternative fuel and diesel engines, generators, and related components.

Cummins is heavily invested in CNG and has been producing CNG engines for over 20 years. As a leader in the industry, Cummins will be launching a new CNG engine at the start of 2024-the X15N (15 Liter Natural Gas Engine). Doubling down on their mission, Cummins created several climate initiatives including Planet 2050 and Destination Zero. These two initiatives are in place to reach zero emissions on their products by 2050. CNG plays a crucial role in those strategies with the current L9N on the market today and the new X15N that launches in 2024.

Cummins plays a large role here in Ohio with several public transit authorities in the state that are running the L9N as part of their own green initiatives. A player in the transportation industry for over 100 years, Cummins plans to support the industry through emissions reductions for years to come.