For 20 years, Clean Fuels Ohio’s mission has been to improve the economic and environmental performance of fleet vehicles.

We remain fuel and technology neutral, committed to providing clear cost benefit information, and focused on how we can help you deploy tailored solutions that save money and achieve quantifiable results.

Fleet Analysis and Planning

We help establish initial operating baselines, develop key performance indicators, and assess current operations to provide a framework for initial and ongoing evaluation. We assess how advanced vehicle and fuel choices fit operationally and compare costs and environmental outcomes. From there, we recommend a variety of strategies to increase operational efficiencies.

We help you develop a comprehensive, long-term plan then work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the implementation process is seamless. We’ll also provide recommendations on future advancements in fuels and technologies that are right for you.

Operator, Technician, and Safety Training

If your staff needs training on vehicle maintenance, data capture, efficient driving, or other topics, we customize a training program to meet your specific needs. These trainings take any format, including webinars, formal in-person sessions, tutorials, group discussions, lunch-n-learns, and more. We also keep you up to date on other topics to ensure that your team remains current.

Grant Writing Services

Since 2008, we’ve secured over $100 million in competitive grants from funding sources for our members and clients. We work on your behalf with Ohio-based and national foundations, non-profits, and organizations to identify opportunities for your fleet, and write the applications and secure the funding for you. We offer flexible pricing based on a percentage of the funding, plus a small upfront fee, or pay-per service at a proposed rated based on the projected time to complete the application.

Market Research & Analysis

With the rapid pace of technology and market change, it’s hard to keep up with what is cutting edge and what is tried and true. As a U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalition, we have access to a wide range of technical resources and ongoing peer implementer experiences, and tap those to guide your infrastructure needs.

We work with you to scope and execute your needs for vehicle recharging or refueling and advise on any specific needs and associated costs related to your maintenance facilities. We assist with processes to develop specifications advice on vendor selection, and work with project partners on getting jobs done right.

Community Based Infrastructure Planning

Consumer adoption of advanced vehicles, particularly Electric Vehicles (EVs), is expanding at exponential rates. Our staff works with you to identify current transportation infrastructure gaps, project demand, and plan for the infrastructure your community, workplace or region will need in both near and long-term time horizons.

EV Infrastructure Planning

We work with you to identify the best sites for EV charging infrastructure in commercial, residential, workplace, and community locations. EV charging is an increasingly important and priority amenity to attract employees, residents, and customers. Our staff works with you to identify what charging assets are needed, how many, and where.

We you find the right equipment, select qualified installers, and determine how much charging to install initially while planning for future growth. We also assist with strategies to educate employees, customers, and residents, help access any available incentives, and work with your utility on power supply.

Market Research & Analysis

Ohio is a fertile market for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. This results from an economy that includes an especially strong logistics industry as well as manufacturing, energy exploration and development, and more. Clean Fuels Ohio is uniquely positioned to help assess these market opportunities and offer strategically sound advice. We have connections and experience working with fleets, access to data and tools, and experience conducting various types of market analyses.

Business Development and Connections

We leverage our relationships with hundreds of decision makers and businesses in Ohio to connect you to prospects who are interested in exploring sustainable transportation technology options. We make introductions to prospective new customers and partners by networking at individually tailored meetings and other events to help you get in front of the fleets and market segments that matter to you.

Tailored client services

Our team is here to partner with you on a range of tailored services more specific to your organizational needs and strategic goals. We have the resources and expertise to help you assess the information you need, connect with the right stakeholders and audiences, and get projects done. We’re happy to discuss tailored services options with your team to identify a scope and ensure we provide value in furthering the needs of the advanced transportation industry in Ohio.

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