Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness

The EMPOWER WPC project is catalyzing WPC adoption by connecting with workplaces nationwide, reducing barriers through education and technical assistance, and creating a one-stop shop for helpful workplace-focused resources.

As the first and only equity-focused, nationwide WPC project in the United States, our project focuses assistance in workplaces located in or employing members of communities that have experienced historical disinvestment. Employees in these communities are more likely to face fundamental barriers to accessing at-home EV charging.

And when estimates show 80% of EV charging today happens at home, EMPOWER is reducing barriers to these employees accessing EVs and the economic benefits of driving electric.

What are the goals of our EMPOWER project?

  • Increase employer commitments for workplace charging programs and installations
  • Increase career pathways in the EV charging industry for underrepresented communities
  • One stop shop for web resources and tools related to workplace charging, consistent messaging, tactics, and coordination with national data and utility partners
  • Recognize publicly the workplaces installing chargers 

Resources available through EMPOWER

Interested in learning more about EMPOWER? Please contact us at Jacob@cleanfuelsohio.org or Hannah@cleanfuelsohio.org.