Biodiesel Month Member Highlight: Benchmark Biodiesel

In 2007 Benchmark Biodiesel’s founders saw a need for biodiesel infrastructure to deliver a reliable diesel replacement to fleets. After a year of planning and hard work, they brought an old abandoned fuel terminal on the west side of Columbus into operation with an innovative high-speed, high-pressure biodiesel blending system. Since 2009, Benchmark has been Ohio’s distribution point for biodiesel blends and has supported our State’s economy by using Ohio soybean oil in their biodiesel blends for fleets.

Benchmark is proud to support biodiesel and encourages fleets to consider this clean fuel as it is an easy and safe substitute for diesel as long as it is handled correctly in our northern climate. Benchmark has been committed to providing fleets with the best biodiesel, additives, and blending and has grown into delivering to diverse customers.

Benchmark has worked with Ohio farmers, the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University, and other customers to help transition diesel equipment, buses, construction equipment, and manufacturing equipment to significantly lower harmful emissions in Ohio. Benchmark is committed to the future of clean fuels and is passionate about sharing that biodiesel is a “now” fuel as all new technologies develop.

Thank you to Bechnmark Biodiesel CEO and Clean Fuels Ohio Board Member, Page Thorson, for making biodiesel a more reliable and accessible clean fuel in Ohio!

Page joined Clean Fuels Ohio for our Biodiesel Month Panel on June 21, 2023. Check out her thoughts on biodiesel best practices and the future of this important clean fuel by viewing the recording.