Ohio-based United Dairy Farmers (UDF) has been a leader in offering renewable fuels, especially ethanol blends, to customers. A recent grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to UDF for biofuels infrastructure will strengthen that commitment even further.

Approximately two months ago, the USDA announced an award of $634,000 to UDF. According to the announcement, “this Rural Development investment will be used to create infrastructure to expand the sales and use of renewable fuels. United Dairy Farmers Inc. will replace 21 dispensers and four storage tanks and install 13 dispensers at fueling stations in Ohio and Kentucky.”

“Cleaner, renewable fuels mean cleaner air in our communities, and a more environmentally sustainable world,” said Drew Brower from UDF. “Unleaded 88 is also a great value for our customers. It’s also good for our economy since it supports home-grown energy sources.”

The new and replacement dispensers will enable UDF to offer Unleaded 88 (U88) at these locations. U88 is a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline that also offers higher octane. Many of UDF’s new locations also offer E85 (85% ethanol blend) that can be used by flexible fuel vehicles. The U88 stations are in Blanchester, Cincinnati, Mason, Sharonville, Harrison, Delaware, Ohio, and Taylor Mill, Kentucky. This project is expected to increase the amount of ethanol sold by 4,380,450 gallons per year.

“We appreciate UDF’s commitment to clean air and sustainability,” said Sam Spofforth, CEO of Clean Fuels Ohio. “It’s important to recognize and utilize all available pathways to both as quickly as possible, and U88 is an important contributor.”

Ethanol is made in Ohio and other Midwestern states, primarily from corn. More energy efficient production methods and improvements in soil conservation and other agricultural practices have increased ethanol’s ability to contribute to greenhouse gas reductions over the past several years.

“Ohio corn farmers are pleased that consumers are able to have choice at the pump,” said Tadd Nicholson, Executive Director of Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association. “Unleaded88 offers customers higher octane fuel at a more cost-effective price.”

UDF plans to install new dispensers for the public over the next year and will highlight many installations with ribbon cutting events. More information is available through their website and social media.