Governor DeWine announced on October 31 that $100 million dollars in public funding is now available over the next five years through the Ohio Department of Transportation to expand charging infrastructure deployment along major roadways throughout the state. This funding announcement is the result of Ohio’s bold proposal to use funding available as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, specifically the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) component, to create a robust EV charging infrastructure network throughout the state.

This is a thrilling announcement for all of us in the clean transportation space. It will ensure that EV drivers can travel throughout the state without having to keep in mind their access to limited charging infrastructure. It will also empower fleets to transition to electric vehicles more efficiently. This program is an investment in a cleaner, more energy-efficient economy for Ohio and especially power the continued re-emergence of Ohio’s auto industry. Recent announcements like we’ve seen from Honda and GM, as well Ohio’s own EV companies like Workhorse and Lordstown Motors, show the world that Ohio is looking to lead the way towards cleaner transportation.

This deployment program’s first phase will include identifying charging infrastructure gaps along I-70, 71, 75, et cetera. As part of this effort, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has invited public comment on the exits and locations that are being considered for these projects. ODOT has launched this interactive map to submit locations or potential partners interested in installing charging infrastructure for consideration. Each colored band along a roadway is a section that will get one fast charger deployment project.

ODOT has also announced that this program will encourage engagement with rural, underserved, and disadvantaged communities in support of the Biden Administration’s Justice40 Initiative, which has a goal of delivering 40 percent of the benefits of federal investments in climate and clean energy to disadvantaged communities. Once the current gaps along major alternative fuels corridors, the funding will become discretionary and allow ODOT to expand community development and deployment efforts.

Clean Fuels Ohio is currently exploring opportunities to get involved with this deployment effort. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Jacob Schwemlein, our new Director for Drive Electric Ohio, at We also encourage anyone interested in applying for this funding to discuss your interest with your utilities as well – they are working throughout the state to support the roll-out of the NEVI funding. They can advise on necessary infrastructure work to support charging stations.

Proposals for the use of this funding are due by December 21, 2022, and successful proposals are expected to be announced in February 2023.

Article By:

Jacob Schwemlein

Director of Drive Electric Ohio