How to Make Batteries Last Longer as the Days Get Shorter


By Maggie Hirt, Program Manager, Drive Electric Ohio program at Clean Fuels Ohio All cars struggle a bit in cold weather due to the increased amount of energy that is required, and EVs are certainly no exception. EV range decreases 10-12% in the winter and up to 40% if the heater is on full blast (American Automobile Association, 2019). This change wouldn’t affect most daily drives, but if you’re one for winter road trips or if you have a longer commute, you [...]

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CUB Ohio & JobsOhio Report Analysis


  In the context of the auto industry’s global transition to electric vehicles (EVs), two organizations released reports in the past two months highlighting the opportunities and risks for EV production and adoption in Ohio. The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) of Ohio’s 28-page report, entitled “The ABCs of Ohio EVs: A Policy Guide to Electrify Ohio,” provides a framework for an EV policy landscape that would benefit all Ohioans if state leaders take action to adopt it. In the report, CUB Ohio [...]

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