On October 21, Ohio State Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) toured the Endera Motors facility in Ottawa. The environmental technology company acquired Metro Titan, and with it, the facility, this past April and plans to turn the factory into their manufacturing hub for electric buses and other electric vehicles. According to an article from The Lima News, Endera currently “employs 25 workers at the Ottawa plant … [and] plans to hire another 150 or so workers in the next few years as it scales up production.” Speaking on the new facility acquisition, Endera Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Walsh noted that the Ottawa facility has “large growth potential,” and that it was already equipped to “vertically integrate” and “drive the price down of electric vehicles to something that’s economically affordable and cheaper than gas vehicles.”

As the U.S. and international automotive markets begin to place a greater emphasis on the production of electric vehicles, McColley noted that “it is important for us as policymakers to be mindful of that and try to foster that transition, as opposed to being caught behind the Eight-ball when that transition occurs. We’re open-minded and happy to have those conversations.”

To expand on these global trends toward electric vehicles, Clean Fuels Ohio has been hard at work with Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli (R-Salem) to develop and propose a piece of legislation, titled “Accelerating Ohio’s Auto Industry,” or AOAI for short.

“This legislation will represent a significant step forward for Ohio’s leadership in electric vehicle production and adoption, protecting and building on our historical strength in the auto industry,” said Brendan Kelley, Drive Electric Ohio Program Director. “We know a global transition to electric vehicles is underway. By supporting companies like Endera, we can ensure that Ohio rides this wave instead of getting swamped by it.”