The Ohio EPA has received nearly $4 million in funding requests in response to a recent Request for Applications (RFA) issued by the agency on July 1, 2020. The electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solicitation closed on September 30. The RFA offered $3.25 million in total funding with $250,000 reserved for state government locations (ODOT garages, ODNR parks/lodges etc.).

The response from Ohio applicants was especially strong. A similar RFA issued by another Midwestern state, considered to be one of the stronger EV markets in the region, generated less than $2 million in applications.

“This tremendous response by partners in Ohio demonstrates the growing strength of our EV market,” said Sam Spofforth, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio. “Many prospective level 2 charging site hosts know EV adoption is accelerating. They want to take advantage of opportunities to serve the market.”

The Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Transportation, Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO), several of CFO’s industry and utility members, Drive Electric Ohio chapter, and many others worked hard to share information about the funding opportunity, answer questions from and provide assistance to applicants. Ohio EPA also received applications from a variety of state government facilities, especially those serving the traveling public.

The agency is in the process of reviewing applications and will announce winners in the coming months. Round 2 of the EVSE program, funded through the VW settlement, will request applications for DC fast charging installations. According to the Ohio EPA’s website, release of this RFA is anticipated in early 2021.

For more details, refer to the Ohio EPA Office of Environmental Education EVSE VW funding website or contact Clean Fuels Ohio.