Last month, Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica) and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) announced that, for the first time, renewable natural gas (RNG) made up the majority of NGV motor fuel use in calendar year 2020. Accounting for 53% of on-road NGV fuel use, RNG in 2020 saw a use increase of 25% over 2019 levels and a 267% increase over the past five years.

RNG is produced above ground through the capture and processing of organic material from agricultural, wastewater, landfill, or food waste. Because the generation of RNG supply involves the capture or sequestration of carbon that would otherwise have been emitted to the atmosphere, RNG production and use presents an opportunity unique among transportation fuel options to achieve carbon-negative results.

Said Johannes Escudero, CEO of RNG Coalition, about the potential and growth of RNG, “Renewable Natural Gas supply is growing. With 157 RNG production facilities transforming waste into fuel, and another 155 facilities on the way, we are increasingly able to affordably offer consumers the opportunity to decarbonize with RNG—the cleanest of any fuel available today.”

These RNG figures quoted by Escudero come from the comprehensive Renewable Natural Gas Database curated by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. The database shows that Ohio is contributing to this increase in RNG supply, accounting for 5.7% (9 facilities) of US RNG production facilities that were operational by the end of 2020. Of particular note is that Ohio (2) is second only to California (4) in number of operational facilities producing RNG from food waste.

With its growing national supply, and the expansion of its production facilities beyond the west coast, RNG presents as an increasingly appealing alternative fuel option for Ohio fleets looking to reduce their carbon emissions and even, potentially, to go carbon negative.

Clean Fuels Ohio is working with natural gas fleets in Ohio to assist with the adoption of RNG, as well as providing various fleet analysis and planning services for alternative fuel deployment. To learn more contact Clean Fuels Ohio’s Chief Program Officer, Andrew Conley, at and 614-884-7336 ext. 306 or Consulting Services Manager, Brandon Jones, at and 614-884-7336 ext. 316.