On June 16, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) announced their approval for Dayton Power & Light/AES Ohio’s “smart grid” plan, which includes $5.1 million for EV charging station rebates, marketing, and education. EV charging rebate funds will be split between Level 2, which will receive 70%, and direct current fast chargers (DCFC), which will receive 30%. Funding for Level 2 chargers is spread between three general areas. 30% of the funding will be for publicly available charging, including providers of transportation services utilized by the public, such as mass transit, school buses, and taxis. Workplaces and multi-unit dwelling buildings will receive 50% and 20% of Level 2 station funding respectively and are not required to be publicly available. Rebates will cover 100% of EVSE and customer out-of-pocket installation costs, capped at $10,000/station. The program requires DCFC stations be 100% available to the public to be eligible for the rebate program, with 100% of customer and EVSE out-of-pocket installation costs available for rebates, capped at $75,000 per station. At least 30% of the funds for the DCFC stations will be used for the establishment of “corridor ready” alternative fuel corridors for EVs, as defined by the Federal Highway Administration.

“Not only does the program expand opportunities for Ohioans to access the charging stations necessary to drive electric, it signals a very positive position from PUCO on future EV and charging related initiatives,” said Brendan Kelley, Drive Electric Ohio Director. “This is the second EV incentive program approved by PUCO, so we are starting to see a consistent pattern for what regulators want to see from utilities, and it is the first program approved under the new chair, Jennifer French, so we see a continuity from PUCO of support for utility EV programs.”

More information can be found from the AES Ohio press release, PUCO announcement, and the PUCO Opinion and Order.