Clean Fuels Ohio will be virtually presenting at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office’s (VTO’s) 2021 Annual Merit Review (AMR) from June 23-24, 2021. During the VTO AMR, Clean Fuels Ohio’s awarded advanced vehicle technologies projects, along with the VTO’s portfolio of other awarded projects, will be reviewed. The objective of the VTO AMR is to review VTO’s accomplishments from previous months and its plans for the future and to gather stakeholder input with a structured and formal methodology. The meeting also provides attendees a forum for technology information transfer.

Clean Fuels Ohio will be presenting on three FY2019-2022 awarded advanced vehicle technologies projects all of which began in October 2019. These projects include: 1) NGV UP-TIME Analysis, a natural gas vehicle maintenance cost study for freight & goods movement trucking applications quantifying the differences in maintenance costs between diesel and CNG vehicles; 2) Decentralized Mobility Ecosystem: Market Solutions for 21st Century Electrified Mobility, a demonstration of a first-of-a-kind electrified and decentralized mobility hub ecosystem leveraging Columbus Yellow Cab’s fleet of electric vehicles and charging stations; and 3) Heavy-Duty EV Demonstrations in Freight and Mobility Solutions, a proof-of-concept demonstration of heavy-duty electric vehicle deployments through fleet and OEM partnerships to showcase the viability of electrification in key sectors including logistics, moving/delivery, and mobility solutions.

Reviewers come from a variety of backgrounds, including current and former members of the vehicles industry, academia, non-profits, National Laboratories, and government. Each reviewer evaluates a set of projects based on how much they contribute to or advance the Energy Department’s missions and goals. The reviewer considers the project’s breadth, depth, appropriateness, accomplishments, and potential. The final reviews will be described in the Vehicle Technologies Office Annual Merit Review Results Reports detailing reviewer text responses and scores, including numeric scores for each technical session as well as text and graphical summaries of reviewer responses for each individual reviewed project, based on project presentations and posters presented by the principal investigators. Click here to learn more about the merit review process.

Please contact Tim Cho, Projects Manager for more information about these DOE funded projects led by CFO.