The Policy and Government Relations Team at Clean Fuels Ohio has been incredibly busy working to educate legislators and candidates for the legislature about vehicle electrification and infrastructure in Ohio. Campaign season for those seeking public office is a hectic time – with doors to knock, phones to dial, and events to attend (though less so now due to COVID-19) – candidates’ time is at a premium. Regardless of how hectic things may be, Clean Fuels Ohio has a mission to pursue: making Ohio a safer, healthier state through alternative transportation policy. So, we set out to find a way for the Ohio General Assembly candidates to connect directly with their constituents on issues surrounding electric vehicles.

Clean Fuels Ohio has a program called “Drive Electric Ohio” which hosts chapters all around the state comprised of passionate, knowledgeable advocates for vehicle electrification. Leading up to election day, we began planning and scheduling a series of “Electric Vehicle Town Hall” meetings in each region of Ohio. We invited Drive Electric Ohio chapter members, legislators, and candidates to attend, and the response was great. During the final week of October, Clean Fuels Ohio hosted three EV Town Hall meetings: one for Central Ohio, one for Northeast Ohio, and one for both Northwest and Southwest Ohio.

Our EV Town Hall meetings’ focus was to host a comfortable, informal conversation where our members could share their passion and experience with those representing them at the Statehouse. We discussed how Ohio is beginning to compete for advanced auto manufacturing jobs with the advent of Lordstown Motor Corporation, the need for lower EV and Hybrid registration fees, the importance of charging and EV infrastructure availability around the state, as well as the increasing accessibility of electric vehicles. Nine legislators and candidates attended our EV Town Halls and took part in the incredibly meaningful discussion.

Clean Fuels Ohio plans to host more of these events with increased focus on new and incoming legislators. We want to make sure we communicate effectively with elected officials who make decisions that affect Ohioans each and every day, and share the exciting things taking place in Ohio around vehicle electrification with them. We hope that next time you’ll join us!