Ohio Green Fleets is a data-driven program that incorporates three levels of certification through a five-star rating system. The process provides you with a snapshot for today, and a reliable benchmark for your progress over time.

Once your fleet is certified, our team will help you promote your accomplishments to your customers and an even broader community.

How It’s Scored

Since all fleets are not the same, we look at five key criteria for emission and fuel use reduction and customize the analysis based on fleet size. This way, large and small fleets can be recognized for their respective efforts rather than grading on a curve. Our focus is on key pollutant reductions and efficiency gains:

1.  Volatile Organic Compounds

2. Carbon Dioxide

3. Fuel Efficiency

4. Particulate Matter

5. Nitrogen Oxide

By scoring fleets on their own baseline, operators have greater customization for their emission reductions which allows flexibility while being recognized as a leader in fleet emission and fuel-use reduction.


  • Recognition as an environmental fleet leader

  • Educational opportunities for your fleet and staff

  • Insight from Clean Fuels Ohio on technology options and designs

  • Connections with vendors and industry partners

  • Funding alerts for grant opportunities

  • Additional consulting for deeper assessment and quantification

Certified Ohio Green Fleets