In December 2020, the Ohio EPA announced that nearly $12 million in grants will be awarded to 40 entities, including 10 Ohio school districts, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment through the Ohio EPA VW Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund (DMTF) program. 

“Aging diesel vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution across the country, and this program allows Ohio to get some of these vehicles off of our roads,” said Governor DeWine. “The grants will help local schools, governments, and businesses defray the costs of replacing old vehicles with new, environmentally friendly alternatives.”

“Nitrogen oxide emissions are major contributors to ground-level ozone pollution and older vehicles are a leading source of these emissions. This program results in significant reductions of pollutants, especially in our urban areas, and helps Ohio meet federal air quality standards,” Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson said. “This round also includes the first grants awarded for all-electric trucks, reflecting the availability of new vehicle technologies.”

Ohio EPA estimates this year’s grants will remove 36 tons of nitrogen oxide and 7.7 tons of other air pollutants annually. The full list of awarded fleets is available here:

If you’re a fleet seeking assistance for applications to future rounds of the Ohio VW DMTF program, Clean Fuels Ohio can provide information resources, project competitiveness vetting, and grant writing.  Please contact Clean Fuels Ohio if you have any questions or are interested in applying for funding under the 2021 DMTF Program.

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