Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO), with Project Primary, Transportation Energy Partners (TEP), have begun work on a new U.S. Department of Energy project entitled “Helping Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles.” The project will create models for effectively transferring advanced clean fuel and vehicle technologies to underserved county governments and rural communities.

This project will provide outreach, education, and technical assistance to government fleets in rural regions of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. The project will span at least 24 communities – at least 3 communities in each project state – and will help them transition their fleets and fleets in their communities to cleaner fuels and vehicles. Subsequently, the project team will disseminate replicable strategies and lessons learned in this project and look to implement them in other states and regions to aid in alternative fuel fleet transitions in rural communities throughout the country.

CFO and TEP are working with six additional Clean Cities Coalitions to expand the reach of this project throughout the country. Coalition partnerships include: Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition, Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities (in Oregon and Washington), South Shore Clean Cities (in Indiana), Utah Clean Cities, Virginia Clean Cities, and Wisconsin Clean Cities.

The project will span three years and the replication playbook will provide useful resources to build on the outcomes for years to come.