Electric trucks are here. Happening now across the US and Canada, Run on Less – Electric—an initiative of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI—is demonstrating the efficiency benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) for the trucking industry.

“The run” features 13 electric trucks across different trucking segments being used in actual fleet delivery operations over a three-week period this September. Each run will demonstrate how EV efficiency technologies improve fleet bottom lines while benefiting the local environment and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Data on each vehicles’ emissions savings will be collected daily and streamed live online, with final results being presented the week of September 20.

Run on Less – Electric is the third instantiation of the Run on Less program, which started in 2017 with seven fleets that helped determine a high-water mark for trucking fuel economy. That run was followed up in 2019 with Run on Less Regional, which focused on trucks operating at least 300 miles from home base.

The electric focus of the 2021 Run on Less reflects the growing momentum toward EVs across vehicle class sizes, and especially highlights the opportunity for GHG emissions in the trucking industry. While medium- and heavy-duty trucks only make up 5% of the US road fleet, they account for approximately 20% of the nation’s transportation emissions. Early adopters of EV trucks, such as those companies participating in Run on Less – Electric, are crucial for demonstrating the practicality of EVs in higher vehicle class sizes and spurring more widespread deployments.

Among such companies as Frito-Lay, Anheuser Busch, Penske, and DHL participating in the run is Cincinnati-based Servall Electric, a third-generation electrical construction company in operation for over 60 years. Their electricians help residents and commercial property owners alike throughout the Cincinnati Tri-State area tackle any electrical problems that come their way.

The electric truck Servall Electric’s driver will be demonstrating is also Cincinnati-based: a Workhorse C100 last-mile delivery truck/step van with a range of 150 miles. With its 4-wheel independent suspension system and low floor design for ease of access, its built to enhance the truck driving experience while producing zero tailpipe emissions.

This partnership between Servall Electric and Workhorse through Run on Less – Electric provides a blueprint for the growth of the electrical vehicle industry and workforce in Ohio. With the new maintenance and repair needs of electric vehicles, electricians will be more and more relevant for the needs of the auto industry as OEMs, fleets, and motorists begin investing in EVs in greater numbers. Ohio ranks 5th in the nation in number of electricians employed, presenting an opportunity for the state to prioritize the involvement of electrical companies like Servall, as well as electrician training programs and trade organizations, in the development of Ohio’s electric vehicle industry and workforce.