On July 12, Clean Fuels Ohio was included in the submission of five grants to the US Dept. of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technology Office (VTO) latest round of funding opportunities.  Titled the 2021 Low Greenhouse Gas Vehicle Technologies Funding Opportunities, the DOE is investing $62.75 million to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions among cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles, including expanding electric vehicles (EV) infrastructure and lower emissions for on- and off-road vehicles.  “Getting to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 means we must aggressively cut down the largest source of emissions: the transportation sector,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm.

Building a clean energy economy to address the climate crisis is a top priority of the Biden Administration, and the transportation sector will play a critical part in the effort. Transportation accounts for approximately 30% of total US energy needs and generates the largest share of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. DOE Vehicle Technology Office’s latest funding seeks to address the two most significant contributors to transportation sector emissions: passenger cars and light-duty trucks, which are responsible for nearly 60%, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which cover almost a quarter.

The $62.75 million “Low Greenhouse Gas Vehicle Technologies Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment” is designed to fund innovative solutions to reducing emissions and increasing efficiencies for on- and off-road vehicles. To accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption, the FOA will support expansion of EV infrastructure and charging, along with community-level EV demonstrations that can lower barriers to EV adoption—such as piloting EV car sharing and installing EV charging within multi-unit housing. The FOA is also open to projects developing advanced engines and fuels that operate with lower emissions.

The application process includes two phases: a concept paper and a full application phase.

Clean Fuels Ohio was included in five successfully encouraged concept papers and worked with partners to assist in the following full applications submitted on July 12:

DOE Low GHG Funding Applications Including Clean Fuels Ohio

Lead ApplicantProject Title / Description
MORPCThe ENACT Electrification project will accelerate the adoption of commercially available EV and EVSE through multiple community-based, public-private partnerships with a focus on historically underserved communities with limited EV and EVSE deployments.
Tennessee TECHRural Reimagined: Building an EV Ecosystem and Green Economy for Transforming Lives in Economically Distressed Appalachia
South Shore Clean CitiesElectrification for ALL-Communities & Cargo with solutions to barriers in both access to cost-effective Port light, medium and heavy-duty EV transportation solutions as well as the equitable distribution of EVSE charging ports through neighborhood-based mobility hubs.
SWAY MobilityCleveland Light-duty Electric Vehicle Large Area Network Demonstration will add 100 shared passenger EVs and 200 AC Level 2 charging ports to 50 to 75 stations in the cities of Cleveland and Sandusky, serving predominantly low and moderate income residents.
EnergeticsCharge@Work will create a national workplace charging program providing valuable resources and support to employers and employees interested in having access to EV charging at work, thereby lowering one of the persistent barriers to EV adoption.

The US DOE expects to make award announcement on these projects in October, with 2022 start dates. For more information, contact Andrew Conley, Chief Program Office, andrew@cleanfuelsohio.org or please visit VTO and HFTO’s Funding Opportunity pages, the EERE Exchange, and Grants.gov.