This month, Clean Fuels Ohio kicked off the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) for the DRIVE Electric USA initiative. The PAC consists of more than 50 industry leaders representing 35 diverse organizations, including electric vehicle and EVSE OEMs, and other committed partners who are dedicated to raising awareness and adoption of EVs across the United States. 

The PAC consists of seven working groups, aligned with the seven priority areas of DRIVE Electric USA. Priority areas include 1) Creating Statewide Branded EV Initiatives; 2) Consumer Education & Grassroots Chapter Development; 3) Utility & Regulator Engagement; 4) EV Charging Infrastructure Planning; 5) State & Local Government Official Education; 6) Dealer Engagement; and 7) Fleet Electrification. 

The Working Groups will provide input and guide the national and state-by-state efforts to accelerate EV adoption. DRIVE Electric USA will fully develop 14 state-based “Drive Electric” programs to make significant advancements in transportation electrification. To accomplish this goal, project leaders and implementers will educate consumers, utilities, utility regulators, and government officials while engaging auto dealers and fleet leaders, conducting EV infrastructure planning, and developing local EV chapters. All of this will occur under the banner of each branded, statewide EV initiative which will be guided by that state’s stakeholders. 

Under the leadership of Clean Fuels Ohio and East Tennessee Clean Fuels, this project will create a replication playbook based on outputs and lessons learned, and build successful long-term continuation through funding and partnerships.  

DRIVE Electric USA is one of five Department of Energy funded projects that Clean Fuels Ohio began in October 2020. The project will run through December 2023.  

Read more about DRIVE Electric USA and Clean Fuels Ohio’s leadership here: 

For additional information, contact Marie McConnell, Outreach & Organizing Manager for Drive Electric Ohio.