We made the decision at the beginning of this year to cancel the annual Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo due to continued uncertainty around the safety of in-person gatherings this year. In lieu of both an in-person and a fully virtual conference, we have instead opted to put together a more casual member and program showcase. Running the latter half of the year, our staff will work to put together a resource hub where stakeholders, partners, end-users, and others can learn more about the various members and programs our staff works with and on throughout the year.

We’ve seen a couple of trends that helped lead us to this decision. First, we’re seeing an extreme case of webinar fatigue. Between the amount of information and number of events that are online, audience members are overwhelmed at the demand for their time. Second, we’re seeing individuals use their time differently now. People are working to complete their tasks more efficiently and in this digital world, they have the ability to be in multiple places at once. We don’t want to add to the string of events pulling at everyone’s time and instead, we will focus on engaging one-on-one with people.

By hosting a showcase rather than a conference we have the opportunity and flexibility to find new, innovative, and effective ways to present content that reaches the right audience and that doesn’t cut into everyone’s already busy schedules. Instead of spending our time fidgeting with a virtual platform that’s difficult to use, or planning a risky, in-person event, we can reprioritize that time in connecting one-to-one with individuals who will move the needle forward on our mission and who are looking to learn more about us, our members, and our industry.

This showcase will feature an all-encompassing and comprehensive look at the various options end-users have for alternative, inherently cleaner fuels and vehicle technologies. We’ll work to put together pre-recorded, virtual technology demos from our partners, as well as interviews with peer fleets who have a tried-and-true record with fuel and technology adoption. We’ll work with end-users to schedule one-on-one conversations with the experts both on our partners’ teams and our own. We’ll be interviewing our staff to spotlight the successes of our programs and how folks can get involved. We can host live happy hours and roundtables for anyone interested in participating. Weather and pandemic permitting, we’re even looking at hosting an in-person vehicle expo and/or ride and drive so we can see each other without screens.

With this showcase, we’re aiming to give our audience content on demand, not content that demands your time, while still delivering on the high-value conversations you’ve come to expect from partnering with us. We’ll be looking to officially roll out content at the beginning of July. In the meantime, we want to prioritize listening to our audience. If you would like more information on how to get involved or would like to suggest a creative way to get folks together, we want to hear from you. Reach out to me, Rachel Ellenberger, Director of Business Development and Communications, at rachel@cleanfuelsohio.org or 614-884-7336 ext. 310.