Last Friday, our member Honda, announced their target goal of 100% electric vehicle sales in North America by 2040. They join General Motors as one of the world’s top original equipment manufacturers to make this commitment to environmental technologies.

Honda aims to reach their 2040 goal by meeting checkpoints along the way. Sub-targets include progressing EV sales up to 40% by 2030 and to 80% by 2035. To meet these goals, Honda is developing new car models on a new EV platform called e:Architecture, which will hit the North American markets first, before taking the global stage. They are also utilizing the GM Ultium battery to create two SUV models, intended to be year 2024 vehicles. Honda also intends to make fuel cell electric vehicles alongside their EVs.

Honda’s commitment to renewable energy in North America goes beyond the tailpipe emissions goals. They have entered long-term virtual power purchase agreements for solar and wind power that covers more than 60% of the electricity Honda uses in North America. At their Ohio plant specifically, Honda has installed two onsite wind turbines that produce 10,000 megawatt hours per year, further highlighting their dedication to operations run 100% on renewable energy.

Honda’s commitment to electrification signals a fundamental shift towards electric transportation. The global electric vehicle market is set to invest more than $300 billion in electric vehicle development and manufacturing. Because of their long history in manufacturing, both globally and here in Ohio at the Marysville plant, and because of the close relationship with Honda, Clean Fuels Ohio is excited to work with them to bring next generation auto jobs to the state.