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Heavy-Duty Module2021-07-12T14:48:06+00:00

Heavy-Duty Vehicles are used for building, goods movement, and public works projects. These heavy-duty vehicles deeply impact our societies supply chain and infrastructural order, but often contribute large amounts of pollution due to the diesel they traditionally run on.

However, more environmentally friendly and affordable options are being developed every day! Switching to cleaner fuel technologies such as biodiesel, natural gas, and even electricity, keeps equipment in better shape longer and helps drastically reduce harmful emissions.

Working to improve your heavy-duty vehicle’s emissions and efficiency is a great financial choice for your business and it helps the planet. Explore the module below to learn why switching to alternative fuel-powered heavy-duty vehicles is important and how your business or organization can make the switch to cleaner, affordable options.

Why To Use Biofuels In Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles2021-07-08T00:36:48+00:00

Renewable Natural Gas Infographic

Decarbonizing California With RNG

Projected Global Production Of RNG Between 2020 & 2050

Projected Global Production Of RNG Between 2020 & 2050 Illustration

RNG Project Growth Graph

Learn About The American RNG Industry

Why Biodiesel One-Pager

How To Use Natural Gas In Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles2021-07-08T00:46:46+00:00

About Class 7 NGV Trucks

About Class 8 NGV Trucks

Buying A Natural Gas Vehicle Checklist

How To Use Electricity In Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles2021-07-08T00:45:44+00:00

Fleet Decarbonization: A Guide to Zero-Emission Vehicle Transition

Transportation and energy are becoming increasingly intertwined, which allows fleet operators to decarbonize their fleets, build their energy resilience, and economize the cost of energy by transitioning to Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV). Black & Veatch’s 8-Phases of ZEV Infrastructure Deployment, and our proprietary ZEV Multi-Energy Hub concept, serve as a planning guide toward efficient charging and hydrogen filling networks that monetize low-cost energy, balance supply and demand, predict performance, and build resilient fleets.

How To Use Efficiency Technologies In Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles2021-07-08T00:41:14+00:00

Efficiency Technologies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

How To Use Biofuels In Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles2021-07-08T00:37:43+00:00

Biodiesel Application Checklist

Biodiesel Vehicle One Pager