Electric Vehicles (EVs) are poised to grow rapidly as fleet options over the next decade. Major investments from OEMs, a variety of upcoming passenger vehicles, expanding vocational offerings, and increased support for transportation electrification from the local, state, and federal levels are on the horizon.  While options and opportunities for fleet EVs are growing rapidly, it’s important to strategically assess all fleet operations in light of EV options to ensure any fleet EVs adopted provide the maximum operational, economic, and environmental benefits.

As an expert, nonprofit, clean transportation resource, Clean Fuels Ohio strives to add value to fleet partners. Clean Fuels Ohio provides education, fleet analysis, replacement planning, grant writing, and technical training services to ensure any advanced transportation solutions adopted by fleets provide the maximum operational, economic, and environmental benefits. 

To this end, Clean Fuels Ohio will be hosting a series of upcoming webinars for public and private sector fleet partners to outline the options and opportunities for fleet electrification. Additionally, there will be detailed guidance on type of analysis, planning, and best practice solutions available to ensure any fleet EVs adopted provide the maximum operational, economic, and environmental benefits.

Feb. 24, 12:00pm EST: Fleet Electrification & EV Market Briefing:

• EV Model Availability – Light, Med, Heavy Duty Vehicles • EV for Fleet Business Case

• Available Incentives • EVSE Charging Options • EV Options for Leased & Take Home Units 

Feb. 25, 2:00pm EST: Public Fleet Electrification FREE Planning Assistance:

  • Join PCFO to Register: https://www.poweracleanfuture.org/pcfocontact
  • All Ohio communities and public fleets are invited to join the Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) campaign and take actions to create a clean, prosperous future for all Ohioans. Power A Clean Future Ohio is empowering local leaders with tools and resources to create carbon reduction plans and implement them in ways that are achievable, measurable, equitable, and economical.  Join PCFO and log on to this webinar to learn how all PCFO communities are eligible for free EV analysis and planning services from Clean Fuels Ohio to assist with EV adoption and successful deployment. 

March 5, 12:00pm EST: Local Governments Clean Energy Caucus

  • Register here: https://zoom.us/j/92140220470?pwd=SU0vSWFjVXovNXhvMlZYblh1WHVWZz09
    • City of Shaker Heights Sustainability Coordinator Michael Peters will present an EV project success story and detail how other cities can learn from and implement similar options.
    • Sam Spofforth, CEO, Clean Fuels Ohio will provide an overview on clean fuels and vehicle options; detail how Clean Fuels Ohio can help your city analyze options based on your situation, then collaborate on a plan to implement solutions that custom fit your city’s operations, budget and sustainability goals for both fleet electrification and charging infrastructure deployment.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact our Events and Communications Coordinator, Malerie, at malerie@cleanfuelsohio.org.