Calling all Electric Vehicle (EV) motorists and fleets and EV charging station (EVSE) operators in Ohio!

Clean Fuels Ohio is seeking public and private partners to contribute plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) and charging (EVSE) data for EV WATTS, an effort funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Led, by Energetics, the EV WATTS project will create a nationwide database of PEV and EVSE information leading to a better understanding of the current PEV market and charging infrastructure needs.


EV WATTS is addressing a growing need for practical information about vehicle electrification. The EV WATTS project team is collecting real-world use data from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and charging stations (also known as EVSE – electric vehicle supply equipment). Researchers then validate, analyze, and summarize the data, which can be used to inform future research, development, and deployment.

  • If you operate plug-in electric vehicles (PEVS) or charging stations (EVSE) anywhere in the United States, consider being a project data provider.
  • Learn how to become a Data Partner by 1) reviewing the EV WATTS Data Partner Fact Sheet and 2) contacting the Clean Fuels Ohio team.
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The U.S. transportation system is moving toward electrification, with PEV adoption on the rise. This trend has created a need for up-to-date national data on this technology. EV WATTS datasets and analysis will be used to improve the understanding of PEV use and performance, specifically charging and driving patterns as well as vehicle and infrastructure performance. This knowledge informs decision making for multiple stakeholders: manufacturers, consumers, charging station hosts, and researchers.


The data collection effort is comprehensive, covering:


  • All-electric (PEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) with telematics data
  • Light, medium, and heavy-duty (variety of vehicle applications: cars, trucks, buses, etc.)
  • Trip-level, longitudinal vehicle data (from telematics)

Charging Infrastructure​

  • AC Level 2 and DC fast charging infrastructure
  • Various EVSE sites: corridors, workplace, multi-unit dwellings, curbside, fleets, transit, ports, airports, etc.
  • Session – level or interval – level data
  • Variety of geographic areas and climates


  • How can stakeholders access the data? Once the data has been collected and analyzed, the results—both data sets and analyses—will be made publicly available on this website—summary analyses updated quarterly starting in 2021 and the comprehensive data sets at the end of the project in December 2022.
  • How is EV WATTS obtaining the data? Energetics is working with its partners—including Clean Cities Coalitions, fleets, state and local government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, utilities, and charging station providers—to collect the data and remove all personally identifiable information.
  • Will sensitive information be included in the publicly available data? No, Energetics will anonymize all data sets and summary reports.
  • Can organizations that provide data receive custom PEV or charging station reports? Yes, individualized data analysis reports, with comparative results, can be created for any data provider.


  • EV fleets and individual motorists can receive free Geotab telematics devices and subscription (only during duration of project and for EVs that currently do not have any telematics installed)
  • Individualized data analysis reports can be created for any data provider with results compared to others
  • Contribute to aggregate database used by government, research community, local planners, and industry to advance vehicle electrification effort

Become an EV WATTS Data Partner by:​

  1. Verifying the quanity of available PEV and/or charging station data that can be shared
  2. Notifying the Clean Fuels Ohio team of your interest
  3. Asking questions about the data collection or analysis process, if needed
  4. Review, sign, and return the Data Sharing Agreement

EV WATTS Resources

General Resources​/Links:

Telematics Resources/Links:

Data Sharing Agreement and Data Rights:

  • The EV WATTS Data Sharing Agreement lays out that a data partner 1) provides PEV and EVSE characteristics and usage data to the project, 2) has rights to certain data from their PEVs and/or EVSE and 3) that Energetics upholds certain responsibilities when receiving the data.
  • Energetics will use a secure process for transferring and storing the raw data before any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is removed and the data entries are anonymized.
  • Energetics will develop summary data reports to showcase trends and findings and will share the cleaned dataset with DOE for further analysis.