During the week of March 22, Clean Fuels Ohio participated in the Energy Independence Summit. Each year, Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) hosts this event on Capitol Hill to talk with Congressional leaders about issues most pressing the industry. Due to the pandemic, TEP hosted this year’s Summit fully virtual.

Clean Fuels Ohio partnered with twenty-one of our members to participate in meetings with both of the Ohio Senators as well as members of the Ohio Congressional delegation. During these meetings, we were able to talk through specific policy issues, business opportunities, and ventures in the clean transportation industry.

Specifically, we discussed the importance of investments in EV charging and fueling infrastructure along the highway systems to create clean corridors. We also discussed the Buy America program. The tens of millions of dollars authorized through CMAQ funding for clean vehicles and charging stations that are 100% assembled in America are designed to support and encourage growth for American businesses. One of our top priorities was to cover about how crucial the Clean Cities programs are to the clean transportation industry. We talked through what increasing Congressional appropriations would look like and how it would allow Clean Cities Coalitions to better serve all states and communities across the country.

Clean Fuels Ohio plans to use these meetings as a vital stepping off point to continue to build relationships with key legislative leaders in the coming months. We are hard at work with our members and various partners such as TEP to move our federal policy agenda forward.