Drive Electric Ohio recently held the first meeting of the Ohio Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Committee.

The Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Committee (“the Committee”) brings together organizations and companies from across Ohio with a vested interest in advancing EV adoption throughout the state. Spanning multiple industries and sectors, the Committee seeks to create a unified voice and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Ohio.

The Committee will provide advice and inform the various efforts of Drive Electric Ohio. It will also set and carry out its own goals through internal working groups. This coordinated effort will compound the potential impact of the members, including Drive Electric Ohio, to drive increased EV adoption across the state.

The committee is led by a Steering Committee comprised of various industry, non-profit, utility, and citizen stakeholder groups. Steering Committee members include:

Tim Benford, President, Drive Electric Dayton

Dylan Borchers, Partner, Bricker & Eckler

Brendan Kelley, Director, Drive Electric Ohio

Matt Ringlien, Inventory Manager, Dave Gill Chevrolet

Michael Smucker, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Greenlots

Julie Volpe-Walker, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, AEP Ohio

The Committee Kick-Off Meeting aimed to build relationships between the more than 40 committee members present and begin organizing the broad array of stakeholders toward scaling back the EV registration fee.

Brendan Kelley, Director of Drive Electric Ohio and member of the Steering Committee, addressed the full committee, laying out Clean Fuels Ohio’s approach to rolling back the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Registration fee.

Committee members have already begun this work and will continue to push for a rollback of the EV registration fee to a fair level, as well as begin to set goals and tactics to increase EV adoption and industry presence in Ohio. The Committee will meet throughout 2021 and beyond to work towards these shared goals and collectively make Ohio the most prosperous state for electric vehicles.

Any individual or organization interested in joining the EV Stakeholder Committee should contact Drive Electric Ohio staff;