Clean Fuels Ohio’s mission is to improve air quality and health, reduce environmental pollution, and strengthen Ohio’s economy by increasing the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and energy-saving vehicles.  While this has historically focused on fleets, Clean Fuels Ohio is committed to increasing its focus on motorists, as well as ways to address and achieve more equitable access to clean transportation solutions for Ohio’s residents.

We believe mobility is a basic right in modern society, yet residents of underinvested, low-income, and historically discriminated communities experience disproportionately negative mobility outcomes. In America, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) majority neighborhoods have historically faced the most inequitable transportation outcomes.  BIPOC communities often have less access to mobility options due to historic under investments by policy makers; available transportation options are often higher emitting and cost a larger share of household incomes; and residents are often subject to negative health impacts from higher proportions of goods and people moving through BIPOC communities due to historic discriminatory decisions of where to site highways and major thoroughfares.

Clean Fuels Ohio is committed to working to address these challenges, partnering with communities in any way we can add value and solutions.  CFO has recently secured funding through the GM Climate Equity Fund, to partner with four Ohio communities to seek input from and partner with community residents on planning more equitable transportation solutions that meet community needs and goals.

Clean Fuels Ohio staff are also at work building a web-based resource center dedicated to sharing data, tools, and information resources on transportation equity and access solutions.   We welcome input from all our members and stakeholders in this work to achieve greater transportation equity and access throughout Ohio.  If you have suggestions, comments, thoughts or resources to share, or would like to get more involved in this work, please reach out to our Events & Communications manager at