As summer rolls in, Clean Fuels Ohio continues with our events initiatives! 

Earlier this week, we partnered with our new member Path Master for their “Moving Forward With E-Mobility: An Introduction to Clean Fuels Ohio” webinar. 

A distributor of top-notch traffic control equipment for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia, Path Master focuses on implementing cutting-edge technology that improves traffic flow and reduces accidents, specifically in Smart Cities and Connected Vehicle applications. During our webinar with Path Master, we discuss the work we do at Clean Fuels Ohio, how we partner with municipalities on fleet consulting, and what makes a city a good fit to work with us. We also discuss our relationship with Path Master and highlight some of the benefits of their new technologies, such as their move into electric vehicle charging equipment industry. View the fresh and innovative webinar here

On June 10th, we joined forces with Ingevity on a webinar about their absorbed natural gas services. The presentation dove into the benefits of renewable natural gas as a transportation fuel in light-duty fleets, how technologies are priced around the same as a Level 2 EV charger, and how affordable advancements have been made to allow light-duty vehicles to run on RNG/ANG. Ingevity also showcased their amazing business partnership discount deal in this webinar, which allows for up to 50% off necessary equipment to start your upfitting project. You can watch the full webinar here, with passcode: ya1.?3Zt 

Stay tuned into our social media to hear about upcoming virtual events and the return of our in-person events! We can’t wait to see you all!