In 2020, Clean Fuels Ohio was a part of five successful grant awards issued by the Vehicle Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy and has begun preliminary project work on all five projects. These projects are “Zero Emission Freight Future,” “Drive Electric USA” with East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition, “Waste Not, Want Hot?” with ROUSH CleanTech, “Helping America’s Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles” with the Transportation Energy Partners, and “Integrated Fuel Cell Electric Powertrain Demonstration” with Calstart and Cummins. CFO will play a varying role in each project, ranging from prime applicant to coalition support, making this CFO’s most successful year receiving DOE grants.

Clean Fuels Ohio began work on “Zero Emission Freight Future” (ZEFF) in 2020 as the project’s prime recipient. This project is designed to prove the operational and financial effectiveness of med-heavy duty Electric Vehicles (EVs) in new fleets, particularly battery electric vehicles (EVs) in essential med–heavy duty operations, including logistics, freight and goods movement, and refuse operations. Through diverse partnerships, the project will utilize commercially available EVs, EVSE, equipment, and working fleet facilities, as well as leverage app-platforms to ensure seamless technology deployment and demonstration. This project’s real-world demonstrations are designed to showcase Class 4-8 EVs in freight and refuse operations, and with vehicle platforms that have tremendous potential for broader adoption both within the freight, refuse, and a variety of vocational fleet applications.

Zero Emission Freight Future began work on October 1, 2020, and will continue through December 31, 2023.

Additionally, CFO began work on “Drive Electric USA”, a project led by the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCF) with active support from Clean Fuels Ohio and the direct engagement of 14 Clean Cities coalitions. This project will focus on seven targeted improvement areas:

1.) Statewide Branded EV Programs

2.) Consumer Education

3.) Utility and Regulator Education

4.) EV Charging Infrastructure and Planning

5.) Education of State and Local Government Officials

6.) Dealer Engagement

7.) Fleet Engagement and EV Adoption

Each state initiative will apply current state of the art barrier reduction strategies to EV adoption and advancement in less developed EV markets. The collaborative approach will enable state leaders to attract strong support from both industry and additional private funders, learn from each other’s experiences, make significant, measurable progress in EV adoption in the 14 states, and then create a playbook for replication across many similar state markets.

This project began in October 2020 and will continue through December 2023.

Additionally, Clean Fuels Ohio began work on “Helping America’s Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles” in partnership with the Transportation Energy Partners. The project’s objective is to create models for effectively transferring advanced clean fuel and vehicle technologies to county governments and rural communities, which face unique challenges and are often underserved. The project will include three primary focuses:

1. Outreach and Education: Activities will focus on outreach and education to county government leaders in eight target states.

2. In-Depth Technical Assistance: Activities will provide technical assistance to help county decision-makers implement plans to transition to cleaner fuels and vehicles.

3. Dissemination of Project Findings: Activities will focus on developing and disseminating a Project Playbook for county leaders, rural communities, and fleet managers with keys to success and step by step action plan. The project team will share the playbook in the target states and across the country.

Clean Fuels Ohio is also working in conjunction with ROUSH CleanTech on “Waste Not, Want Hot?”. This project investigates more sustainable opportunities to keep buses warm by developing and demonstrating a propane-powered cabin heating system for battery-electric buses.

Finally, CFO is working on a project with Calstart and Cummins called “Integrated Fuel Cell Electric Powertrain Demonstration.”

Clean Fuels Ohio is excited to continue our work on all these projects in 2021 and we look forward to strong, positive outcomes.