It has become increasingly clear that the unique circumstances facing the country during the COVID-19 pandemic will extend well into the new year. Therefore, Clean Fuels Ohio has decided to explore innovative solutions for our 2021 events. We want to balance the health and safety of our audience while providing the maximum benefit and value to all involved.  Given these priorities, we have decided not to host an in-person Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo.

The 2020 Virtual Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo was a great success thanks, in no small part, to our event partners, speakers and sponsors. For 2021, we are developing a variety of convenings we believe, in total, will be more engaging and impactful than hosting another virtual conference. We plan to take full advantage of the creative capabilities of our staff, board, and stakeholders in putting together something new and exciting.

Our plans will include hosting an extended series of events encompassing all fuel and technology types. We’re considering virtual elements including pre-recorded sessions with a limited audience, scheduled conversations with the experts, technology demonstrations, sponsored happy hours, and more. We are also considering hosting an in-person vehicle expo and ride and drive as well as an event reception with limited attendance, weather and health safety permitting. We are excited to get creative with our stakeholders to bring new and valuable solutions to the table.

Although we are deciding to hold off on large, indoor, in-person events until that becomes safe, we are already giving thought to our 20th anniversary in 2022. We’re looking forward to all being together again to celebrate not only an immense milestone for our organization but also seeing the friendly, familiar faces who attend our conference every year in person again.

As we continue to develop plans, we will continue to update everyone. If you have ideas for gatherings in 2021, please contact our Director of Business Development and Communications, Rachel, at or 614-884-7336 ext. 310.