If you’re a frequent reader of the Clean Fuels Ohio newsletter, you’ll be well aware of the Transportation Solutions Showcase that the team has worked to put together over the past few months. Earlier this week, the Showcase officially launched and is now available for interested parties to access and explore at their leisure.

The Showcase website is the central hub of content that audience members can explore at their own pace. The content is broken into six modules highlighting different industry sectors. Audience members can find the following modules currently available: Light-Duty Vehicle Solutions, Medium-Duty Vehicle Solutions, Heavy-Duty Vehicle Solutions, Site-Host Solutions, Off-Road Vehicle Solutions, and Policy Solutions. The team is also anticipating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Module to launch during the six months that the Showcase will run.

The modules are filled with information and content provided by the organization’s members. They demonstrate their products, services, and expertise through their videos, brochures, presentations, and articles. New content will be continuously added during the six months that the Showcase runs. Content is broken down by alternative fuel/technology type and is further distilled into two central questions: Why is this solution important? And How can I implement it?

Digging into the Light-Duty Vehicle Module, audience members can hear from members such as General Motors, AmpUp, and Electrada. AmpUp has a great guide available for light-duty fleets looking for ways to optimize their charging. In the module, audience members can go back and watch the webinar hosted earlier this year by Clean Fuels Ohio, Electrada, and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions discussing the business cases for EV charging. The City of Dublin’s fleet maintenance facility and CNG station tour is also available for viewing in the module.

Moving to the Medium-Duty Vehicle Module, audience members can explore content from members such as Bus Service Inc., RNG Coalition, BYD, and ROUSH CleanTech. In this module, audience members can learn how to make solutions such as propane Autogas, biofuels, electricity, and more work for their medium-duty fleets. Black and Veatch even has a step-by-step guide on transitioning vehicles to zero-emissions available through the module.

The Heavy-Duty Vehicle Module contains checklists and one-pagers from the Clean Fuels Ohio team detailing the various considerations owners of heavy-duty vehicles must make when adopting alternative fuels and advanced vehicle tech. As audience members explore these documents, they can reach out directly to the Clean Fuels Ohio team for more information on how to take their next steps.

The module for Site-Hosts includes information on various charging technologies, operation, maintenance and revenue, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion in site selection. In the Site-Host Module, audience members will learn about programs like AmpUp’s Low Income Assistance program seeking to install chargers in underserved communities. They’ll also find content from companies like Intertrust who specialize in data considerations in EV fleet charging. EVunited has also provided content detailing how site-hosts can plan for the future by investing in smart charging solutions for multi-family residences. Additional content will be added on a daily and weekly basis during the six months the Showcase will run. The team will continue to work with partners like Transportation Energy Partners, Power a Clean Future Ohio, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, and many more to bring the audience cutting-edge and innovative solutions for the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities. If you are a member who would like to provide content to the Showcase website, or if you would like to become a member so your content can be featured, please reach out to Rachel, Director of Business Development and Communications, at rachel@cleanfuelsohio.org.